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Teegarden House
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This project came to us as a referral from a client directly across the street from our friends at Cupcake Magic in Yuba City, CA.

This home was originally built in the 1800’s and later restored by the Paine family to it’s historic charm yet bringing in modern standards. It’s home to various gatherings such as weddings, meetings, events, and any other special occasions. Having modern accommodations of handicap accessibility, a large parking lot, as well as technology upgrades, it became a no mystery as to why this historical site became a popular place to host many gatherings.

This project was a simple yet elegant design that we put together for our client. Featuring many pictures from various events and gatherings, it quite easily showcased the various possibilities of what this home truly could hold. As far our color palette we chose a greenish tint with several greyed out images – for this reason green is often symbolized with growth and nature while being easy on the eyes to process and having greyscaled images brought the solidity and timeless aspect. When you think of a home built in the 1800’s, there’s not anywhere near as many still standing as there should be. Many homes from this time have either been demolished or been built over or no longer exist unfortunately. We wanted to feature this home in a way that preserved it’s longevity and charming feel.

We hope if you’re ever in the area of Yuba City, please visit this beautiful home in downtown and see for yourself how it’s been restored to it’s former glory.

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