A little about us here at Aspire Graphics

How We Started

Aspire Graphics started up back in 2012 with two friends who shared a passion for design and a love for art. Working in the restaurant industry and coming fresh out of college with degree’s in Fine Arts, we found ourselves wanting to start up something for our “little” big town of Yuba City, CA. We took advantage of networking in our current industry in getting our name out there to local businesses.

As it is that we came from a small farming community we took pride in the idea of helping small businesses and larger businesses alike to “Aspire” to their potential and reaching out to new clientele. Thus the name of our company was born. Our mission statement and goal was plain and simple:

“Aspire to do greater things” 

That notion is still something we live by here today at Aspire Graphics. We pride ourselves in making sure each and every client feels like a huge part of our design process because in the end we not only want to design something that we are happy with but ultimately you as our client. We take the time and dedication in ensuring that you are satisfied with each step of our process from ideation, sketches, the final stages of refining, and lastly publishing. We take pride in this process because at the end of the day, the final result of our project is something that should represent your business. At the end of the day all we really hope to accomplish is taking your business or idea and turning it into something much larger. So with that said we stand by our mission statement in aspiring to greater things!

The Iconic Logo

The Aspire Graphics logo was deviated out of our original name of “Aspire.” We wanted a definitive name that truly had a deeper meaning that just an idea. Having started our business in a smaller town, we knew the city had potential to grow and our goal was to help other small businesses achieve their potential. We thought of the bigger picture and wanted something huge in the long run. Our aspirations to grow and move forward in life was the founding principal in our name.

Now imagine yourself looking through the lens of a camera, you see everything in a smaller boxed format, but how you capture the image can create an something else worth more than a thousand words. Our idea of this broken boxed icon with an eye demonstrated to this exact idea of capturing something. Hand in hand with our name of “Aspire,” we produced a logo that we we’re truly ecstatic about. Aspire Graphics aims to capture and achieve the potential we know your business can produce.

Meet the Designers Behind the Scenes

Keith Wager

I’m one of the two original founders of Aspire Graphics. I’ve been the lead designer and the face of the company since 2012 as I’ve taken over since my original partner left on his own ventures in life. I graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 2012 at the International Academy of Design & Technology in Sacramento. I’ve surrounded myself with art and creativity all throughout my childhood as long as I could remember, drawing anything I could see in front of me out of pure doodling and taking every digital and physical art class in school. I eventually pursued what I have enjoyed admiring all of my life. I can honestly say I love what I do and enjoy every second of it.

I do also have quite a few hobbies outside of my design work:

I’m a huge avid hardcore video gamer – From Diablo 3, Elder Scrolls Online, League of Legends, Hearthstone, Overwatch, and Summoners War – Mobile game, I love the science of mixology – Been a bartender for small and large events alike, I’m huge into the music scene and enjoy going to shows, die hard San Jose Sharks (NHL) & Seattle Seahawks (NFL) fan, and also an avid bookworm

As you can tell I’m a huge Razer product user and I love the setup of their peripherals for my setup which is a beast of a rig. I built in mind to handle many of the applications I utilize in every project among my many other hobbies on the computer.

Computer setup:
Windows 10 Pro 64bit OS
Processor: Intel i7 4790K CPU @ 4.0 GHz
Memory: 24.0 GB
Video: 2x GeForce GTX 750 Ti – 1GB each

Design Setup:
Peripherals: Wacom Intuous Pro – Medium
Programs: Full Adobe Suite CS6

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