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Cupcake Magic
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Cupcake Magic was one of our first clients back in 2013 and has easily become one of the best cupcake shops in the greater Sacramento Valley. Seated in cozy downtown Yuba City, it specializes in a wide assortment of flavored cupcakes including many dietary accommodations such as vegan, gluten-free, and sugar free cupcakes. While they’ve also since then expanded into chocolates and catering for events, please also check out their first brochure for their cupcakes! Seen Here!

This was their secondary brochure after the initial tri-fold brochure featuring their cupcakes. Keeping with the same design we only slightly changed the layout and simplified it to showcase their assorted chocolates that they also handcraft. Much the same as the first brochure all the photographs were taken by Aspire Graphics and shown throughout the brochure to showcase their products. However, unlike the tri-fold brochure this one was not designed to be a mailer as well but the brochure does fit within the first so it could still be included in the initial mailing to possible clients.

If you’re ever in the Yuba-Sutter area just a mere 30-40 minute drive north of Sacramento. Please stop by downtown and taste for yourself why this business has been so successful these past years. It’s been years since we’ve designed their brochure but they still use the same design and have been a loyal client to us and grab an awesome looking brochure while you’re there too!

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